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DNVicon BAXY.png

Baxy L5 Rickshaw

DNVicon ETO.png
DNVicon NAE.png

NAE L5 Rickshaw

ETO L5 Rickshaw

DNVicon PRAGYA.png

Pragya L5 Rickshaw


Greenway Mobility L3 Rickshaw


Auto power L5 Rickshaw

DNVicon QUCEV.png

QUCEV LCV 3.5ton 4 wheeler

LOKicon L5.png

L5 Rickshaw for South Africa

LOKicon L3.png

L3 Rickshaw for North India

marked files are either a 'live' project or under NDA obligations

marked files are confidential and under NDA obligations

Following are some of the projects carried out on different commercial automotive sectors.


Following are the live projects done for commercial vehicle clients. All the projects were executed from styling stages. A working base vehicle in each case was ready with the client. Some more commercial work is to be added shortly.


All project CAD and details are with the client due to confidentiality reasons and the showcased files are the ones which were allowed for sharing basis. 

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